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BioPK Experiments With Plants
Mario Varvoglis, Ph.D.

Grad also tested Estebany’s influence on plant growth, comparing plants which have been ‘treated’ by a healer, vs. untreated plants. Plant growth (e.g. height, density of foliage, etc.) was measured by independent observers (known as ‘blind judges’), who don’t know which plants were treated and which not.

In the most interesting of these studies the healer was asked to just treat the solution used to water the plant -- a saline solution, which normally stresses plants and inhibits growth. Flasks were sterilized and sealed, to prevent any chemical contamination of the solution from Estebany’s hands; they were also maintained at a constant temperature, so that there could be no temperature differences between the treated and untreated flasks. For each session, Estebany held the ‘influence’ flask for several minutes and tried to cancel the harmful potential of its saline solution. Indeed, plants watered by the treated solution grew significantly higher and were more robust than those watered by the identical, but untreated solution.

One of the most dramatic demonstrations of distant-healing involved a single blade of grass. Dr. Robert Miller, a chemist, had been conducting experiments on the growth rate of rye grass under different lighting conditions; he used an extremely sensitive instrument, capable of measuring the growth rate of grass to an accuracy within thousandths of an inch per hour. By maintaining constant lighting, temperature and watering conditions, Miller was able to measure a relatively constant growth rate in the plant of about .006 inches per hour.

At some point, he met with the well-known psychic Olga Worrall, and her husband Ambrose, both famous for their distant healings. To see whether they can indeed influence living systems at large distances, Miller asked them to attempt to mentally affect the growth a single blade of rye grass. A date was fixed, and the time was set for the regular prayer time of the Worralls, 9:00 pm. At that time, the Worralls prayed for the plant, visualizing a white light around it which would help it growing vigorously. Their home was over 500 miles away from the lab. Here’s what Dr. Miller says about the graph representing the plant’s growth:

"All through the evening and up until 9:00 pm the trace was a straight line with a slope which represented a growth rate of .00625 inches per hour. At exactly 9:00 pm the trace began deviating upward and by 8:00 am the next morning the growth rate was .0525 inches per hour, a growth rate increase of 830%"

[This article used with permission of the Psi Explorer CD-ROM]


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