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Parapsychology is a challenging and exciting science, but it is also a controversial science. It is no secret that scientists working in this field do not enjoy the same levels of financial support that their colleagues in the more conventional fields enjoy. Traditionally most of the modest support for parapsychological research has come from individuals and foundations with the vision and courage needed to support science on the cutting edge.

No other organization in the world performs the job that the Parapsychological Association does. The PA provides a professional “home” for scientists and scholars around the world who dare to investigate phenomena shunned by mainstream science. The PA unites both the skeptics and the advocates of parapsychology’s controversial findings in productive scientific dialogue. The PA provides objective and reasoned information on what is known and what is not known about parapsychology and psychic phenomena to the media and the public, who are all too often beset by the irrational claims from those with unscientific beliefs in either the existence or non-existence of psychic phenomena.

The PA needs your support
The PA operates on a very limited budget and with the generous help of volunteers. Funds are urgently needed to create an endowment capable of supporting at least part-time professional staff as well as the ongoing operations of the organization. Support is also needed to help expand our educational and public information services. The PA’s Treasurer  (E-mail) will be happy to discuss with individuals and foundations various ways in which the work of our organization can be supported. 

The Parapsychological Association, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code. The PA is listed with NetworkForGood, Guidestar and PayPal.

Your support is appreciated. 

Help Support the PA !     

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