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  1. Prof. Hans Bender, University of Freiburg, who introduced me to the wider field of parapsychology, and with whom I wrote my doctoral thesis. See Haraldsson, 1972.

  2. With J. B. Rhine, Ulrich Timm and Louise Rhine near Durham in 1970. I spent a year at their institute 1969-70. Correspondence with Rhine in the late 50s was my first contact with the science of parapsychology. See Haraldsson, 1970.

  3. Conducting plethysmographic experiments at the Institute for Parapsychology in Durham in 1970. See Haraldsson, 1972, 1980.

  4. The astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell at the 1971 Summer Review Meeting of the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man (now Rhine Research Center) in Durham where he presented his ESP experiment conducted during the Apollo 14 mission to the moon. With him J. B. Rhine, Martin Johnson, Helmut Schmidt and Dorothy Pope. See Journal of Parapsychology, 35, 89-107.

  5. The staff of the American Society for Psychical Research in New York in the early 1970s during its most active period, when Karlis Osis was Chester Carlson Director of Research.

  6. Alex Tanous, star subject of the ASPR in the 70s.

  7. With Karlis Osis and two Indian colleagues, Jamuna Prasad and Parmeshwar Dayal of Allahabad, India in 1973. They assisted us in our survey of deathbed-visions as we interviewing physicians and nurses in Indian hospitals. See Osis & Haraldsson, 1977.

  8. Karlis Osis after a stone embedded into a ring on his finger disappeared at a meeting we had with Sai Baba without him touching his hand (Sai Baba´s remark: “This was my experiment”). See Haraldsson and Osis, 1977; Haraldsson, 1987 about our observations.

  9. With Sai Baba in Puttaparti in the early 70s.  During several trips to India I interviewed numerous witnesses to Sai Baba´s phenomena, his devotees, ex-devotees and critics, checked and rechecked the interviews and tried to approach Sai Baba from all angles. The reults was “Miracles Are My Visiting Cards” (US edition. Modern Miracles. See Haraldsson, 1987.

  10. With Sai Baba in 1980 during one of the grandiose festivals in his ashram Prashanti Nilayam. See Haraldsson, 1988 etc.

  11. With Dadaji (Mr. Chowdhury) in Calcutta in 1974. No meeting with him without an obligatory blessing! Karlis Osis and I visited numerous ashrams, swamis and reputed psychics in the hope of finding persons who could take part in out-of-body experiments. We found frequent claims of OBEs reported about Dadaji and Sai Baba and witnesses to their appearances in distant places. Both refused participation in experiments. See Osis & Haraldsson, 1976.

  12. With N. Kasturi, Sai Baba´s official biographer, in 1974. My book on Sai Baba, is partly biographical and has appeared in numerous editions and many languages.

  13. Hans Bender and Karlis Osis in an animated discussion in Freiburg in the middle 70s.

  14. Johannes Mische, Walter von Lucadou and Eberhard Bauer at the University of Freiburg around 1982. Walter von Lucadou explaining his experimental setup.

  15. J. Gaither Pratt at the University of Virginia. We conducted several experiments with Hafsteinn Björnsson, in Reykjavik and New York. See Haraldsson, Pratt & Kristjansson, 1978.

  16. With C. T. K. Chari (back to camera), a leading figure in Indian parapsychology, investigating Gyatri Swami in Madras in the 70s.

  17. With Joop Houtkooper investigating Gyatri Swami in Madras in 1979. See Haraldsson & Houtkooper, 1994.

  18. Houtkooper photographing in Madras. One of the many cases of vibuthi allegedly mysteriously appearing on a photograph.

  19. Sai Baba receiving his devotees in Whitefield, his second residence.

  20. Conducting ESP – DMT experiments at the University of Iceland in the late 70s. A computer game written by Richard Broughton during a visit to Iceland in 1976 was used as an ESP task.. See Haraldsson, Houtkooper & Hoeltje, 1987 etc.

  21. Martin Johnson visited Iceland several times to administer the Defense Mechanism Test in our joint experiments. See Johnson & Haraldsson, 1984 etc.

  22. Taking the Defence Mechanism Test at the University of Iceland.

  23. The parapsychology team at the University of Iceland around 1980: E. H., Loftur R. Gissurarson, Joop Houtkooper and Haukur Hjaltason. Joop Houtkooper made several trip to Iceland to work with me on various projects. See e.g., Haraldsson & Houtkooper, 1991. So did Michael Thalbourne who is not on this photo.

  24. The great Icelandic physical medium Indriđi Indriđason (1883-1912). Standing behind him is an unknown man. See Gissurarson & Haraldsson, 1989.

  25. Haraldur Nielsson (1868-1928), professor of theology at the University of Iceland, who investigated Indriđi Indriđason.

  26. Guđmundur Hannessonm, professor of medicine at the University of Iceland, who made a thorough investigation of Indriđi Indriđason.

  27. The Icelandic mental medium Hafsteinn Björnsson (1914-77). See Haraldsson & Stevenson, 1973, 1974, 1975 and more.

  28. With Nagato Azuma and Carlos Alvarado at the University of Virginia in 1986.

  29. Duminda Ratnayake of Sri Lanka spoke of memories of a previous life as a monk. See Haraldsson 1991. His case became a part of a BBC documentary.

  30. With my interpreter Tissa Jayawardane, Jeffrey Iverson producer at the BCC and author, and his assistant, during the filming of a documentary about children in Sri Lankaz who claim to remember a past life.

  31. My office at the Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (IGPP) in Freiburg an der Eichhalde during an invitation as a visiting professor 1993-95.

  32. Continuing with the DMT-ESP experiments in Freiburg. With Stridt Bäckström of Lund University. See Haraldsson, Houtkooper, Schneider & Bäckström, 2002.

  33. With Johannes Mischo, director of the institute, Joop Houtkooper and Reiner Schneider at IGPP in 1995.

  34. Dr. Andreas Resch, a fellow-student of psychology at the University of Freiburg in the 1960s, and organizer of the popular Imago Mundi congresses in Austria.

  35. Godwin Samararatne, my associate and interpreter in Sri Lanka. See Haraldsson & Samararatne, 1999.

  36. In Sri Lanka with my interpreter Hector Samararatne, psychologist Vimala Periyannanpillai and driver and guide Rohana Kumara. See Haraldsson, Fowler & Periyannanpillai, 2000.

  37. Poornima Ekanayake of Sri Lanka claimed memories of how she died in an accident. Following her instructions a person was found who corresponded to her statements. Her case featured in a documentary by the UK Channel Four. See Haraldsson, 2000.

  38. Poornima´s birthmarks. The post-mortem report of the person who died in the accident revealed that Poornima´s birthmarks corresponded to his fatal wounds.

  39. Dilukshi Nissanka´s statements about a previous life were amply recorded before a corresponding deceased person was traced. This person´s life and mode of death fitted Dilukshi´s description. Her case was filmed for two documentaries, BBC 1991, and Storyhouse Productions (Discovery Channel) in 2002. See Haraldsson, 1991.

  40. With Heinz Berendt and Peter Mulacz at the Imago Mundi conference in Innsbruck in 1991.

  41. Introducing Richard Wiseman to Indian psychic claimants. With Minu Bhowmick and old friend Dr. Budhmal Shamsukha (right) in Calcutta in 1993. See Haraldsson & Wiseman, 1996.

  42. With Richard Wiseman investigating Swami Premananda near Trichy in India in 1993. See Haraldsson & Wiseman, 1995. Photo: E. H.

  43. With Eberhard Bauer in 1995 investigating a purported case of stigmata (Andreas cross) in Catholic Southern Germany. Photo: E. H.

  44. William Roll visiting Iceland in 1997. Photo: W. Roll.

  45. My interpreter and associate in Lebanon, Mrs. Majd Abu-Izzedin, with one of our subjects (middle). See Haraldsson & Abu-Izzedin, 2002.

  46. In good company at the conference of the Bial Foundation in Porto 2002. Martina Belz-Merk, Richard Broughton, David Marks and E. H. Photo: Bial Foundation.

  47. With Rupert Sheldrake at the Bial Foundation conference in Porto in 2002. Photo: Bial Foundation.

All photographs courtesy of Erlendur Haraldsson

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