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Who is Alex Kaivarainen?
Alexander Kaivarainen, Ph D,
Doctor of Science in Physics and Biophysics

The coherent physical theory of Psi phenomena, like remote vision, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance is absent till now due to its high complexity and multilateral character. The original mechanism of Bivacuum mediated Psi phenomena, proposed, is based on few stages of long term efforts. These stages include the creation of new theories:
  1. Unified theory of Bivacuum, matter and fields duality, mass and charge origination as a result of Bivacuum fermions symmetry shift, corresponding to Golden Mean condition, fusion of elementary particles from triplets of sub-elementary fermions and their corpuscle-wave [C - W] duality;
  2. Quantitative Hierarchic theory of liquids and solids;
  3. Hierarchic model of elementary act of consciousness, involving water clusters in microtubules in state of mesoscopic Bose condensation (mBC);
  4. Theory of Virtual Replica (VR) of material objects in Bivacuum, generated by high frequency of [C - W] pulsations of elementary particles of material objects, including living organisms;
  5. Theory of all-pervading Harmonization energy and force of Bivacuum, driving matter on all hierarchical levels to Golden Mean conditions, providing the coherency and entanglement of remote particles.

The mechanism of Sender [S] - Receiver [R] interaction, mediated by nonlocal Virtual Guides (VirG) ofspin, momentum and energy, is proposed. The VirG is a part of Virtual Replica of any material objects. Such kind of macroscopic entanglement is possible, if at least one of interacting systems [S] is in nonequilibrium state.

The high potential of our Unified Theory (UT) is confirmed by its ability to explain a lot of experimental data, most of them incompatible with exsisting paradigma.

[1964-1969] – a graduate of University of Petrozavodsk, Department of Physics, Russia;
[1970-1974] - postgraduate course at Laboratory of Physics of Biopolymers, Institute of Molecular Biology, USSR Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia.

[1974] - Ph.D. in Biophysics.
Institute of Biophysics, USSR Academy of Science, Moscow-Pushino, USSR;
[1981] - Academic senior researcher in molecular biology. USSR Academy of Science, Moscow;
[1989] - Doctor of Science in Physics & Mathematics (D. Sc.). Specialization: ‘biophysics’. Scientific and Technical Association of the USSR Academy of Science, Leningrad, USSR.

Employment in Russia (1980-1990):
Head of Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Institute of biology, Research Centre,
USSR Academy of Science. Petrozavodsk, Karelia - Russia.
Supervisor of number of Ph D. dissertations.
Employment during (1991-2004):
Researcher positions in different universities of Finland:
- University of Turku - Wihuri research laboratory, grant of "Koneen saatio" for book writing;
- University of Joensuu - Dept. of physics;
- University of Oulu - Dept. of Biophysics.

Short and medium-term invited visits:
- Italy (Pisa, Institute of atomic and molecular physics), 3 month visit;
- Italy (tour of lectures in Universities of Rome, Bari, Pisa, Messina);
- USA (University of Tucson, Arizona, Research Center of Consciousness);
- USA (University of Miami, FL, Dept. of physical chemistry);
- Russia (Petrozavodsk state university, Dept. of applied mathematics), short visits;
- USA (Sedona, AZ, “Flan technology Co.”, invited as a consultant), 2 months visit;
- USA (Anchorage, Alaska, invited as a consultant), 1 month visit;
- Japan (Hokkaido University, Inst. of Electronics), 3 month visit – grant of Sasakawa foundation;
- Japan (Osaka, “Muscle Co.”, invited as a consultant),10 days visit.

Current activity:
The development of the original Unified theory of Bivacuum, particles duality, fields, time and quantum entanglement (see: is in progress.

This new approach was used to work out a new theory of Mind-Matter interaction and Quantum Psi phenomena: (see:

I am looking for partners to exploit the potential of invented optoacoustic device: Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP), in homeopathy and Mind – Matter Interaction study, using aqueous systems as a targets. The device is based on my Hierarchic theory of condensed matter (general for liquids and solids), verified by computer simulation on examples of water and ice.

Four books have been published:

  1. Solvent-dependent flexibility of proteins and principles of their function, pp.270, (1985), Reidel-Kluwer, Holland;
  2. Mesoscopic properties of matter and its interaction with light. Principles of self-organization in ice, water and biosystems. University of Turku, Finland, 1992, pp. 280;
  3. Dynamic Model of Wave-Particle Duality and Grand Unification. University of Joensuu, Phys. Dept. Joensuu, Finland, 1993, pp.118;
  4. Hierarchic Concept of Matter and Field. Water, biosystems and elementary particles. New York, USA, 1995, pp. 485, ISBN: 0-9642557-0-7.

At the International conference on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liege, Belgium, August 7-12, 2000, got the "Best Paper Award" for the contribution: 'New Hierarchic Theory of Matter, General for Liquids and Solids’.

Elaborated a new Hierarchic theory of condensed matter, general for liquids & solids,
including Hierarchic thermodynamics. The existence of coherent molecular/atomic clusters in liquids and solids, representing molecular mesoscopic Bose condensation (mBC) with dimensions of few nanometers was revealed by means of computer simulations.

The mesoscopic theory of Brillouin light scattering and Mössbauer effect worked out. The new state equation for liquids and solids was derived. The Hierarchic theories of surface tension, vapour pressure, thermal conductivity, self-diffusion and viscosity elaborated.

These theories interrelate microscopic and macroscopic parameters of matter via mesoscopic ones. Worked out a mesoscopic model of phase transitions turbulence, superfluity and superconductivity. Proposed a Hierarchic theory of solutions. The formulas for solvent activity, osmotic pressure, etc. where obtained.

A new type of optoacoustic device, with huge informational possibilities (evaluating more than 300 physical parameters of condensed matter) has been designed: the "Comprehensive analyzer of matter properties" (CAMP). It is based on Hierarchic theory of matter and corresponding computer program (copyright 1997, Kaivarainen).

The role of water collective excitations in cytomatrix structure formation and cancer development has been investigated. The idea of selective cancer cells disintegrator by means of ultrasound and IR irradiation, based on new biophysical model of cancer, has been proposed.

The Hierarchic Model of Consciousness is elaborated, taking into account the properties of coherent water clusters - mesoscopic molecular Bose condensate (mBC) in microtubules (MTs) of neurons and distant exchange interaction between MTs by means of coherent IR photons. Cavitational fluctuations of water in cytoplasm, leading to MTs and actin filaments collective disassembly and gel-sol transition in nerve cell's body, is an important stage, necessary for redistribution of synaptic contacts, accompanying elementary act of consciousness.

The mechanism of cryoproteins interaction with water, based on Hierarchic theory of water and ice has been suggested.

Worked out a Unified Theory (UT) of Bivacuum, duality of elementary particles, electromagnetic and gravitational fields. The UM includes the dynamic mechanism of Corpuscle-Wave Duality and quantum non-locality.

The new concept of BIVACUUM is introduced, as infinite virtual Bose condensate (VirBC), formed by double cells-dipoles of opposite energies, charges and magnetic moments. Bivacuum represents a fractal hierarchical structure of these double cells, containing Bivacuum fermions (BVF+/-) and Bivacuum bosons (BVB) with spatial image of [torus + antitorus], as a collective excitations of sub-quantum particles and antiparticles. The elementary particles are considered in UT, as a triplets of sub-elementary particles and antiparticles, representing asymmetric excitations of Bivacuum fermions (F+/-) with spatial image [donut + vortex].

Duality is considered, as a high-frequency pulsation of three sub-elementary fermions, forming elementary particles, between the corpuscular [C] and wave [W] phase, modulated by de Broglie wave frequency of particles. The [W] phase represents the Cumulative Virtual Cloud formed by sub-quantum particles. Corpuscle - Wave transitions are the result of quantum beats between actual (inertial) and complementary (inertia-less) states of corpuscular [C] phase, reflecting properties of torus and antitorus, corrrespondingly.

Our model elucidates the quantum background of non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the quantum and relativist theories. The tending of different material systems to conditions of Golden mean under the influence of Bivacuum fundamental oscillations (Harmonization energy), slowing down the dynamics of real particles and accelerating the virtual ones, seems to be standing for 2nd and 3d thermodynamics laws realization. It is shown, that the pace of time (dt/t = -dT/T) - changes with opposite sign with pace of the internal resulting rotational-translational kinetic energy of particles (T) in selected closed system. Our approach looks to be a proper key to Superunification.

The hidden quantum root of Golden Mean, has been elucidated. It is supposed that the evolving of each closed system to condition of Hidden Harmony (equality of internal and external group and phase velocities of de Broglie waves) occurs under the influence of fundamental oscillations of Bivacuum (Harmonization force). The Principle of Least Action is shown to be a consequence of action of Bivacuum Harmonization force on elementary particles.

The existence of the internal and external Virtual replicas of condensed matter, including living organisms, in Bivacuum in form of virtual pressure standing waves (phantoms) - is a result of unification of our Hierarchic theory of condensed matter with new concepts of Bivacuum, corpuscle-wave duality and fields.

The explanation of Mind-Mind and Mind-Matter interaction, based on Unified Theory of Bivacuum, particles duality, fields and time is proposed.

Invited lectures:
- 1991 - University of Turku (Finland), Wihuri lab;
- 1991 - University of Joensuu (Finland), Dept. of physics;
- 1991 - University of Oulu (Finland), Dept. of Biophysics;
- 1992 - Royal Inst. of Technology, Dept. of Theoretical physics, Stockholm (Sweden);
- 1992 - University of Uppsala (Sweden), Dept. of Quantum chemistry;
- 1993 - Invited tour of lectures in Universities of Italy: Messina, Bari, Florence, Rome (Italy);
- 1994 - Stanford University (CA, USA);
- 1996 - University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ, USA);
- 1996 - University of North Texas (Denton, TX, USA);
- 1998 - University of Miami (FL, USA);
- 2002 - International school "Energy and Informational Transfer in Biological Systems" (Catania, Italy);
- 2002 International Institute of Biophysics (IIB), Neuss, Germany.

For most important publications on-line, see Archives of Los-Alamos:

1. physics/0207114 [abs, pdf] :

Title: New Hierarchic Theory of Water & its Application to Analysis of Water Perturbations by Magnetic Field. Role of Water in Biosystems
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: The full version of this paper # 1.9 is on-line: this http URL Part of this paper was published: Kaivarainen A., Hierarchic theory of matter, general for liquids and solids: ice, water and phase transitions [best paper award]. American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, 573, 181 (2001)
Subj-class: General Physics

2. physics/0207027 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Bivacuum, as a Matrix for Matter, Fields and Time Origination. Harmonization Energy of Bivacuum, Driving Particles to Golden Mean Conditions.

Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

3. physics/0112027 [abs, pdf] :

Title: Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Particles Duality Fields & Time. New Bivacuum - Mediated Nonlocal Interaction
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: This version contains new ideas, related to Bivacuum Virtual Replica of material objects formation. The part of this paper will be published in 2004, as a chapter of book: "Progress in Quantum Physics Research" by Nova Science Publ. See also: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

4. physics/0105067 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Mechanism of antifreeze proteins action, based on Hierarchic theory of water and new ''clusterphilic'' interaction
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: For additional information see this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

5. physics/0103031 [abs, pdf] :

Title: New Approach to Entanglement and Quantum Psi Phenomena, Based on Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Matter, Fields & Time
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: The parts of this paper will be published, as a chapter of book: "Quanta, Relativity and Electromagnetism: The Search for Unity in Physics" by Kluwer (2005) and book: "Frontiers in Quantum Physics Research" by Nova Science Publ. (2004). For additional info see: this http URL For additional info see: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

6. physics/0102086 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: New Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter and its Computerized Application to Water and Ice
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: Homepage: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

7. physics/0003108 [abs, pdf] :

Title: Hierarchic Models of Turbulence, Superfluidity and Superconductivity
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: The background of this paper was published in American Institute of Physics Proceedings, v.573, 181-200, 2001. this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

8. physics/0003107 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter: Long relaxation, macroscopic oscillations and the effects of magnetic field
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

9. physics/0003093 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter: Role of water in protein dynamics, function and cancer emergency
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: homepage: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

10. physics/0003074 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Hierarchic Theory Of Condensed Matter: New state equation and Interrelation between mesoscopic and macroscopic properties
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Subj-class: General Physics

11. physics/0003071 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Hierarchic Theory of Complex Systems (biosystems, colloids): self-organization & osmos
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

12. physics/0003070 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Hierarchic theory of condensed matter and its interaction with light: new theories of light refraction, Brillouin scattering and Mossbauer effect
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics

13. physics/0003045 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: Hierarchic model of consciousness: from molecular Bose condensation to synaptic reorganization
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Subj-class: General Physics

14. physics/0003044 [abs, ps, pdf, other] :

Title: New Hierarchic Theory of Matter, general for liquids and solids: dynamics, thermodynamics and mesoscopic structure of water and ice
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: 13 figures, 1 table
Subj-class: General Physics

15. physics/0003001 [abs, pdf] :

Title: Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Matter and Fields Duality: Virtual Replica of Matter and Possible Mechanism of Entanglement
Authors: Alex Kaivarainen
Comments: Strongly revised version. For details see this http URL
Subj-class: General Physics


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