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Who is Brunilde Mignani Cassoli?
Brunilde Mignani CassoliBrunilde Cassoli was born in Bologna ( Italy) on 6 August 1926.
She has a daughter, Simonetta Cassoli, M.D, psychiatrist. 
She interrupted her University Studies (Faculty of Chemistry) to collaborate with her husband, Piero Cassoli, in the organization and research on Parapsychology.
She was a charter Member of the CSP "Centro Studi Parapsicologici " in Bologna (1953) and since then has been a Member of the Centre with various duties
She has collaborated decisively in all the activities at the Centre, both researches and experiments
She has taken part in International Conferences both by the Parapsychological Association and the Parapsychological Foundation.
She is head Editor of "Quaderni di Parapsicologia," the Journal of the CSP. (1970) and Editor of the quarterly Bulletin "Notiziario Trtimestrale."
She has edited the publication of "Lettere a un Parapsicologo" by P. Cassoli.
She is co-author of the volume "Un Sole Nascosto" (The Hidden Sun )which portrays the 50 year history of the CSP (1999)
She is co-author with Piero Cassoli of the Volume "La Parapsicologia" (2000)
She is a Full Member of the P.A.

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