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Who is Bruno Severi?
Bruno SeveriBruno Severi was born in Bologna, Italy, on May 16th, 1946, where he obtained his Master Degree in Biological Sciences. His professional activity was mainly at the Institute of Clinical Electron Microscopy in The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna. He is now retired. He is both Vice President and Scientific Coordinator of the Centro Studi Parapsicologici (CSP, Center for Parapsychological Studies) of Bologna where he carried out several studies and researches whose results have been presented to national congresses and published in different journals. He is mainly devoted to the study of spontaneous cases, to parapsychological theoretic problems, to the relationship between parapsychology and Quantum Mechanics, to altered states of consciousness, and Shamanism. Some years ago he was accepted as a full member of the PA.

Severi, B.: Parapsychological publications in non-parapsychology journals. European Journal of Parapsychology, 10, 104-129, 1994

Severi, B.: Addendum to "Parapsychological publications in non-parapsychology journals. European Journal of Parapsychology, 11, 102-111, 1995

Severi, B.: Ayahuasca: la medicina dell'anima. Viaggio ed esperienze tra gli sciamani Shipibo-Conibo del Perý (Ayahuasca, the drug of the soul. Journey and experiences among the Shipibo-Conibo shamans of Perý). Quaderni di Parapsicologia, vol. 27, N.1, 15-27, 1996 (Also published in the electronic journal "TASTE" directed by C. Tart)

Severi, B.: La sleep paralysis e gli alieni (Sleep paralysis and the aliens). Quaderni di Parapsychologia, vol. 29, N. 2, 5-18, 1998

Severi, B.: Le apparizioni mariane di Zeitun in Egitto (Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Zeitun, Egypt). Quaderni di Parapsicologia, vol. 30, N. 2, 34-53, 1999

Severi, B.: I paradossi della meccanica quantistica ed i fenomeni paranormali (Quantum Mechanics paradoxes and paranormal phenomena). Quaderni di Parapsicologia, vol. 32, N. 1, 51-67, 2001

Severi, B.: La seconda natura elusiva della psi (A second type of psi elusivity). Quaderni di Parapsicologia, vol.33, N. 2, 27-38, 2002

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