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Who is Jeffrey Mishlove?

Jeffrey Mishlove1993 - Present, President, Intuition Network.  The Intuition Network is a nonprofit (non-membership) organization focused on helping to create a world in which all people are encouraged to cultivate their inner, intuitive abilities. From 1993 through 1995, the Intuition Network functioned under the nonprofit umbrella of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  This organization brings together hundreds of leaders in the field of intuition training, research and practice.  These individuals are highly diverse, come from many different backgrounds, and offer expertise based on inner experience rather than external credentials. 

1987 - Present, Chairman, Thinking Allowed Productions.  Thinking Allowed Productions is a corporation that has produced and broadcast hundreds of television interviews, shown via satellite on public television stations throughout North America.  Over 400 colleges and universities use videotapes produced by Thinking Allowed.  In 1988, IONS agreed to serve as a sponsor for the first satellite uplink of the Thinking Allowed television series.   

1999 – Present, Dean of Programs, University of Philosophical Research.  The University of Philosophical Research is approved by the State of California to offer masters degrees in consciousness studies and transformational psychology through a distant learning program.  Among the courses taught is Psi Research.  This course is also available to ministers in training with the United Church of Religious Science through the Holmes Institute.   

B.A., Psychology, University of Wisconsin, 1969.
Master of Criminology, University of California, Berkeley, 1972.
Ph.D., Parapsychology, University of California, Berkeley, 1980,

“Steps Toward a Scientific Theory of Consciousness,” with Saul-Paul Sirag.  In Trish Pfeiffer and John Mack (Eds.), The Primacy of Consciousness.  Cambridge, MA: Center for Psychology and Social Change, to be published. 

“Intuitive Principles Put to the Test.”  Online Journal of Psychology and Social Change.  (Article originally posted to the Intuition Network’s Inpresence e-mail list on September 11, 2001.)

“Interpretive Introduction.”  In F. W. H. Myers, Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death.  Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads, 2001.

The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter.  Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads, 2000.   

“Appendix:  Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove, A Televised Interview.” In Huston Smith, Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals.  New York: Putnam, 2000. 

“Foreword.”  In Moriah St. Claire, 365 Empowering Ways to Move beyond Abuse: A Daily Healing Companion for Survivors.  Pathways United Publications, 2000.

“Foreword.”  In Timothy Leary, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.  Berkeley, CA: Ronin Publishing, 1999. 

“Intuition: A Link Between Psi and Spirituality.”  In Charles Tart (Ed.), Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality.  Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads, 1997. 

 “What Is Intuition?”  In Roger Frantz and Alex N. Pattakos (Eds.), Intuition At Work: Pathways to Unlimited Possibilities.  San Francisco: Sterling and Stone, Inc./New Leaders Press, 1996. 

The Roots of Consciousness: The Classic Encyclopedia of Consciousness Studies Revised and Expanded.  Tulsa, OK: Council Oak Books, 1993.  New York: Marlowe and Company, 1997. 

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“Intuition: The Source of True Knowing.”  Noetic Sciences Review, #29, Spring 1994. 

“Intuition: The X-Factor in Business.”  Journal of Creatia, Issue No. 2, September 1994.

Thinking Allowed: Leading Thinkers of our Time in Conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD.
Tulsa, OK: Council Oak Books, 1992. 

“Spirituality and Psychology: An Interview with Frances Vaughan.”  Noetic Sciences Review, # 10, Spring 1989. 

“Psionics: The Practical Application of Parapsychology.”  In Betty Shapin and Lissette Coly (Eds.), Current Trends in Psi Research.  New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 1986. 

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“An Emerging New Discipline,” with William Kautz. Applied Psi Newsletter, 1(1), March/April 1982. 

“Psi-Development Systems: Structures and Strategies,” Parapsychology Review, 1981. 

“The Schism Within Parapsychology,” Zetetic Scholar, No. 8, 1981, pp. 78-85. 

“Scientific logic, Irrationality and Subjectivity in Parapsychology,” Zetetic Scholar, 1981, No. 8, pp. 105-13. 

“Paranormal Claims within the Transcendental Meditation Program: An Evaluation.”  In W.G. Roll, R.L. Morris & R.A. White (Eds.), Research in Parapsychology 1981. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1982, pp. 181-182. 

“Parapsychology Research: Interview with Ray Hyman,” The Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1980, 5(1), pp. 63-67. 

The Roots of Consciousness: Psychic Liberation Through History, Science and Experience. 
New York: Random House, 1975. AVAILABLE ONLINE



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