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Who was P. Cassoli? (deceased)
P. CassoliPiero Cassoli (Obituary) was born in Bologna on 25 July 1918. He graduated in Medicine in 1943. He was a University Assistant until 1950. As well as the medical profession, he later devoted himself to Parapsychology and Psychotherapy. His Master was Prof Emilio Serrvadio. He is interested in practically every branch of both practical and theoretical of Parapsychology, especially in the so-called "Healers" (The Therapeutic Touch").

He has been one of the founders (Charter Member) of the CSP (Center of Parapsychological Studies in Bologna) since 1953. At present he is President. Since 1965 he has been a Full Member of the P.A. He has organized and even now organizes Courses in Parapsychology. From 1983 to 1995, he organized with his Colleagues from CSP the so-called "Giornate Parapsicologiche Bolognesi" ( National Congress) and edited the Proceedings. He has taken part in the publication of some of the entries of the UTET Encyclopedic Dictionary. He has taken part in National and International Congresses, in particular the Convention of the PA in Edinburgh, Reykjavic, Cambridge and Heidelberg. He has directed the Journal "ESO" and written for the Magazine "Giornale dei Mistrei" for many Years.  

He is Honorary President of the Congresses that are held every years in Sam Marino, concerning "NDE." He has published several volumes on Parapsychological Subjects and hundred of articles in various magazines. He has taken part in numerous Radio and Television transmissions. In 2000 the General Members Assembly of the P.A. awarded him the "Outstanding Career Award" for fifty years scientific and cultural activity in the field of Parapsychology

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