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Walter von LucadouWalter von Lucadou was born at Löffingen / Baden, Germany in October of 1945. He has been married since 1969 and has three children and one granddaughter.
From 1966 to 1968 Lucadou served in the armed forces and left the army with the rank of a second lieutenant.
From 1968 to 1973, he was a student at the University of Freiburg. Though his major subject was physics, Lucadou also studied psychology and philosophy (including two semesters at the University of Berlin). In 1971, Lucadou received his B.A. degree from the Uniyersity of Freiburg. Two years later, he received the M.A. degree (Diplom-Physiker), also from Freiburg. For his M. A. thesis, Lucadou carried out an experimental study on Penning-ionization with a fast beam of metastable helium atoms.
From 1973 to 1977, Lucadou was appointed to the Department of Physics at the University of Freiburg, teaching undergraduate physics students. In 1978, he received his Sc.D. in physics (Dr. rer. nat.), also from the University of Freiburg, his Sc.D. thesis focusing on experimental investigations of chemical reactions with the crossed beam technique.
From 1977 to 1978 Lucadou was employed as research associate at the Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics at Freiburg, where he tested a new optical instrument called the "lambdameter" to measure Doppler-shifts in solar lines.
In 1986, Lucadou obtained a Ph.D. summa cum laude in psychology at the University of Berlin with a thesis on "Experimental investigations of a possible influence of observers on stochastic quanturn-physical systems".
From 1979 to 1985 Lucadou was appointed to the position of Assistent (assistantprofessor) to the chair of Psychologie und Grenzgebiete der Psychologie (psychology and border areas of psychology) at the Department of Psychology of the University of Freiburg. In this position Lucadou built up a laboratory for parapsychological research containing a computer system, different Schmidt-type machines and an electromagneticallyshielded room for ESP experiments. Since the budget of the chair was very limited he could only realize his plans by negotiating donations from several industrial companies.
From 1985 to 1987 Lucadou was appointed as visiting research associate (gastdocent) at the Parapsychology Laboratory at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, were he carried out a follow-up study on his previous PK experiments at Freiburg University.
In 1988 Lucadou created the Parapsychologische Beratungsstelle (parapsychological counselling office) at Freiburg, which is supported as an official project by the federal government of Baden-Württemberg. This project, which Lucadou leads today, helps persons who have problems with spontaneous paranormal and religious experiences and those who have problems or questions concerning psychical abilities and techniques. The office receives about 3000 contacts per year. Further, the project includes the education of teachers, medical doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists as well as laypersons in the area of parapsychological findings.
Before the parapsychological counselling project was installed Lucadou was also interested in field research. In cooperation with other scientists and academic institutions he investigated a number of spontaneous cases of allegedly paranormal events. Based on the traditional emphasis on psychohygiene, Lucadou carried out a substantial amount of work in this area.
Another central focus of Lucadou' s career has been the education of undergraduate and graduate students. He supervised several diploma theses and, during a period of over five years, he gave regular lectures and seminars on parapsychology at the University of Freiburg. During this time Lucadou was also responsible für regular postgraduate seminars on psychological cybernetics and was invited to lecture at several other universities and institutes in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
In 1987, Lucadou was invited to lecture at the Human Information Processing Group (HIP) at Princeton University (USA), and he continued to lecture publicly and to organize seminars open to the general public. In all, Lucadou has given more than 1000 lectures in various cities in Germany and Europe and has also participated in about 700 television and radio interviews and discussions concerning anomalies research.
Since 1980, Lucadou has been managing editor and, since 1983, co-editor of the PA-affiliated journal Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie und Grenzgebiete der Psychologie. He is also co-editor of the journal Cognitive Systems and consulting editor (Comité de lecture) of the journal Revue Francaise de Psychotronique, Toulouse, France, and of the journal Transpersonale Psychologie und Psychotherapie, Germany.
Lucadou has also served as a referee für many scientific journals such as the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, the Journal of Parapsychology and the European Journal of Parapsychology and for publishers such as Gordon & Breach (London).
Since its inaugural meeting in 1981, Lucadou has been a council member of the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Parapsychologie (WGFP) and retains full membership in the Parapsychological Association (PA), the Society für Psychical Research (SPR), London, the Society für Scientific Exploration (SSE), USA, the European Society für the Study of Cognitive Systems (ESSCS), Netherlands, the MUFON CES, Germany, and the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Systemforschung e. V (DGSF), Germany.
Lucadou has published more than 170 scientific and popular articles concerning physics, psychology, systemtheory, and parapsychology as well as the following books:

  • Spektrum der Parapsychologie, (1983)
  • Psi - was verbirgt sich dahinter?, (1984), (as editor together with Eberhard Bauer)
  • Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Beeinflußbarkeit von stochastischen quantenphyskaiischen Systemen durch den Beobachter (1986)
  • Psyche und Chaos - Neue Ergebnisse der Psychokineseforschung, (1989)
  • Psyche und Chaos Jugendliche im Umgang mit dem Okkulten (1992) (together with Walter Schrnidt, Hans-Dieter Mutschier and Albert Lampe)
  • Psyche und Chaos - Theorien der Parapsychologie (1995)
  • Geister sind auch nur Menschen (1997) (together with Manfred Poser)
  • Stimmen aus dem Jenseits, (1998) (together with Inge Stratenwerth, Thorsten Becker)



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