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Tapes/CDs and Other Products from PA Members

Remote Viewing Course 10 DVD/CD Set by Stephan A. Schwartz

Remote Viewing
5-DVD set

Healing CD


Remote Viewing CD


2050 CD


Before the
Beginning CD

The Gold Standard Course is a unique assemblage of intellectual instruction and experiential sessions, and represents the gold standard of information concerning Remote Viewing. There is nothing else like this available. You get a total of 10 DVDs and CDs. Five DVD disks containing 9 hours of broadcast quality intellectual instruction, accompanied by rare little seen examples of some of Remote Viewings most famous moments. This part of the course is described in Nemoseen's DVD section. It can quite literally be said that the presenters on these DVDs are the best authorities in the world on their subjects.

Awareness Enhancement by Charles T. Tart

An interview with Charles T. Tart by Will Nofke, radio host for New Horizons. Interviews tend to bring out different aspects of Dr. Tart's mindfulness work than prepared lectures do. One cassette.

Awareness, Illusions, Reality by Charles T. Tart

We construct reality, rather than just perceive it, and distort it in many ways. Techniques to awaken from illusion are discussed, including Dr. Tart's experimental Awareness Enhancement Training. A Shared Visions interview. One cassette.

Altered States of Consciousness and the Survival of Death by Charles T. Tart

Ordinary consciousness depends on constant sensory input from the body to shape and stabilize it, input which must cease at death. What might consciousness be like if it survived death? "Who" might survive? Evidence from altered states research and parapsychological studies suggest we may survive, but differently from our usual selves. One cassette.

Beyond the Brain by Charles T. Tart

In what ways is consciousness merely a product of the brain, and it what ways does it go beyond the physical brain? Altered states, out-of-the-body experiences, paranormal healing, and the practice of adopting experimental belief systems are discussed. A Shared Visions interview. One cassette.

Choose Once Again: Selections from a Course in Miracles by Charles T. Tart

The channeled book, A Course in Miracles, is one of the most profound spiritual teachings of our time. These selections from one of the scribes of the course, William Thetford, published as the small book Choose Once Again, are read by me, with musical background. This is for inspiration: listen for a few minutes, with your heart as well as your head, and reflect. Commercially produced, music quality tapes. Two tapes.

Curso de Parapsicologia by Alejandro Parra

A CD about educational parapsychology. In Spanish.

Tapes and Videos on parapsychology and related topics by Alejandro Parra

A Day of Mindfulness
by Charles T. Tart

For those who have read or are planning to read and practice the mindfulness exercises in Dr. Tart's Waking Up book, this 3-set series of a 1988 workshop allows you to participate in a "live" presentation, with experiential exercises fleshing out the explanations. (Note: The Musical Body tape, described elsewhere, was used in part of these exercises, but not recorded on this tape because much higher fidelity is required than for typical voice recordings. This series is useful without the Musical Body exercise, but richer with it, so you may want to order that tape also if you don't already have it.) Three cassette set.

Diving into the Pool of Consciousness by Charles T. Tart

Charles T. Tart and leading transpersonal psychologist Arthur Hastings examine the varieties of altered states, their relation to psychic phenomena, and to the nature of mind itself. A relaxed, New Dimensions interview. Two cassette set.

Developing and Using Psychic Abilities by Charles T. Tart

An invited lecture, with discussion, at a workshop on developing remote viewing and other psychic abilities. Psychological factors involved and the place of psychic development in overall spiritual development are discussed. One cassette.

Escaping from Mindlock by Charles T. Tart

A 1988 interview of me by transpersonal psychologist Arthur Hastings, dealing with the nature of transpersonal psychology and methods of escaping from a constricted state of being we unfortunately call "normal," a state of mindlock instead of freedom. This tape was inspired by a striking dream of mine about the human spiritual condition. One cassette.

Faith, Doubt, Consensus Trance, and Waking Up by Charles T. Tart

Keynote Address, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, Asilomar, California, 1987. Includes instructions for mindfulness exercises that the audience was asked to practice through the rest of the conference. One cassette.

Hidden Shackles: The Assumptions of Western Psychology by Charles T. Tart

A lecture that describes the ways that implicit, unconscious assumptions affect our daily lives. What you don't know will hurt you! Techniques for discovering and changing these assumptions are covered. One cassette.

Mindfulness in Life: What it Does by Charles T. Tart

When a friend, James Baraz, needed me to cover for his class for practiced Vipassana meditators while he was ill, I decided to see how well people with meditation experience could apply Gurdjieffian self-remembering in their daily lives. Many people report their experiences on this tape and I suggest further directions for the practice. The students’ results were very inspiring! One cassette.

Mindlessness and Mindfulness by Charles T. Tart

Eastern psychology tells us we live in a state of illusion, in maya, in samsara. Western psychology, while mistakenly thinking that we are "realistic," actually has detailed data about just how we live in illusion. A discussion of these ideas and indications of what to do about becoming mindful instead of mindless. One cassette.

Musical Body: A Vitalizing Exercise by Charles T. Tart

An experiential exercise with specially composed music by the well-known San Francisco musical group, Geist. Loving attention is directed through the body by listening to the music. Designed to promote relaxation, self-acceptance, and to begin cultivating the intelligence of the body. Music Tape. Use with high fidelity equipment. One cassette.

Parapsychology by Charles T. Tart

A four hour leisurely and stimulating discussion of modern psychic research and its implications, with Dr. Tart and parapsychologists John Palmer and Jeffrey Mishlove, and with New Dimensions hosts Michael Toms and Will Nofke. Four tapes.

Parapsychology: A Science Whose Time Has Come by Charles T. Tart

An overview of contemporary developments in parapsychology and what they mean for understanding human nature, from a 1984 John F. Kennedy University conference. A good tape to listen to before, as well as after, the other parapsychology tapes. One cassette.

Priming Exercise by Charles T. Tart

Self-remembering, using body sensation as an anchor in the here-and-now, can and should be done at any time. It is helpful, however, to start the day with this "priming" exercise (fully described in the Waking Up book) first thing in the morning, or to use it when possible as a refresher during the day. Since many people tell me they find my voice especially helpful in guiding them through the exercise, I have prepared this tape. Side one is a long version of about 20 minutes, also suitable as a meditation on the body and the senses. Side two has a brief (about 5 minutes) version for reminding during the business of the day. One tape.

Psi Explorer by Mario Varvoglis

Psi Explorer CD-ROM is a multimedia exploration of scientific parapsychology, and includes the best of modern research and theories, over an hour of animations and videos, hundreds of audio/visual documents and texts, virtual 3-D environments, and interactive testing and training techniques. Available exclusively from the Parapsychology Foundation

Random Reminder Teacher #s 1, 2 and 3 by Charles T. Tart

A great problem with self-remembering is remembering to do it. Ideally an enlightened master would be with you during the day, reminding you, especially when you need it the most! Lacking that, a reminder bell, rung at random intervals, so your habits can't anticipate it, is a very useful Gurdjieffian "alarm clock" for pausing a moment, coming to your senses, and remembering yourself. I use these tapes in my workshops. The tape plays silently in the background in your office or home, and sounds a reminder bell at intervals ranging from 2 to 9 minutes. Since we eventually get used to any mechanical reminder, three different tapes are available, each with different tones and patterns. Having one is helpful: having all three and randomly alternating their use will greatly extend their usefulness. Each tape runs for 45 minutes on each side, and each side is different. Three tapes available singly or in group.

The Strange and Fascinating World of Parapsychology by Charles T. Tart

A more advanced discussion of psychic phenomena, originally on New Dimensions radio. One cassette.

Self-Observation by Charles T. Tart

A 1988 lecture Dr. Tart was invited to give at the University of California San Francisco School of Public Health. Basic ideas about the importance of self-observation expressed in a way appropriate to health professionals, so this is especially interesting to those who are mental health professionals. One cassette.

The Trance of Everyday Life and Beginning to Awaken by Charles T. Tart

An introductory lecture, followed by a two hour workshop, on beginning to awaken from the trance of everyday life through mindfulness practices. Includes questions from and interactions with the students. Three tapes.

Toward Understanding Consciousness and Altered States of Consciousness by Charles T. Tart

A review of what we now know about altered states of consciousness, such as hypnosis, lucid dreams, meditation and drug induced states, and their relations to growth and parapsychological factors. This lecture and discussion was part of a special program by the California Institute of Integral Studies in 1992 on Altered States of Consciousness: Past, Present and Future. Two tapes.

Understanding the Mind: Pocket Ranch by Charles T. Tart

In 1989 I was asked to present a comprehensive overview and discussion on topics like altered states, psychic functioning, personal and spiritual growth, psychedelic drugs, meditation, self-remembering, virtual reality as a psychological model, etc. — in one morning! The audience was a sophisticated group who asked and made quite stimulating questions and comments: they were students in one of Dr. Stanislav Grof's training courses for holotropic breath work at Pocket Ranch in California. There is much good discussion and experiential work. Two tapes.

Virtual Reality: A New Model for Transpersonal Psychology by Charles T. Tart

The way we think about and model our minds affects the way we experience and live. Models tend to be based on the most advanced technology of the time. Computer generated virtual reality (VR) will be the next model for our culture. In VR, a computer controls a coordinated view of what you see and hear (and eventually what you will touch, taste and smell), and a part of your brain, the ecological self turns it into reality for you. A fascinating and wide-ranging lecture and discussion of potential psychotherapeutic and transpersonal uses (and abuses) of computer generated VR, and how we already live in a psychological VR. Knowing about the VR we already live in can aid efforts at liberation. Two tapes.

Waking Up: The Teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff by Charles T. Tart

A five day workshop at the Omega Institute. A thorough course of lectures, questions, discussions and exercises, comprising both a fairly orthodox presentation of Gurdjieff's ideas and methods and my additions and expansions. Seven tapes.

World Parliament of Superstition? by Charles T. Tart

Discussion of scientism, parapsychology and transpersonal psychology as bases for a new spirituality at the historic 1993 Chicago Parliament of the World's Religions, celebrating the centenary of the 1893 Parliament that introduced the West to Eastern teachings. One tape.


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