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Alexander, Cheryl NeuroTrends
Auerbach, Loyd The Paranormal Network
Auriol, Bernard Stress, Yoga et Psychosonique
Baumann, Steve The Rhine Research Center
Beischel, Julie The Windbridge Institute
Berger, Rick E Innovative Software Design
Braude, Stephen A.  Personal site
Caratelli, Giulio Parapsicologia E 'Dintorni'
Duebi Nuove Frontiere'
Cardeña, Etzel Personal site
Carpenter, Jim The Rhine Research Center
Corrington, Robert S. Personal site
Ertel, Suitbert Personal site
Feather, Sally The Rhine Research Center
Felici, Maria Luisa Parapsicologia E 'Dintorni'
Duebi Nuove Frontiere'
Greyson, C. Bruce Division of Personality Studies: University of VA
Haraldsson, Erlendur Personal site
Hardy, Christine Eco-Mind
Heath, Pamela R.
Mind Matter Interaction
Kaivarainen, Alex Personal site
Krippner, Stanley Personal site
Lumsden-Cook, James Personal site
Macias, Pierre PsiLand
Mainieri, Roberto Personal site
May, Edwin C.  Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
Laboratories for Fundamental Research
McConnell, R. A.
McMoneagle, Joseph W. Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc.
Mishlove, Jeffrey Intuition Network
Thinking Allowed
University of Philosophical Research
Mulacz, Peter Parapsychology in Austria (Personal site)
Austrian Society for Parapsychology
Nelson, Roger D.  Global Consciousness Project
Neppe, Vernon M  Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute
Anomalous experience
Palmer, John The Rhine Research Center
Parker, Adrian Personal Site
Radin, Dean Consciousness Research Laboratory
Roney-Dougal, Serena Psi Research Centre
Reinsel, Ruth Anne The NeuroPsience Laboratory
Schlitz, Marilyn Institute of Noetic Sciences
Schwartz, Stephan A. Personal Site
Schwartz Report
Severi, Bruno Personal Site
Spottiswoode, S. James P.  J. S. and Associates
Russell Targ ESP Research
Tart, Charles T. Personal site
Joan Tintó Parapsicologia Analitica (Spanish)
Turner, Robert Eric Personal site
Utts,  Jessica   Personal site
Varvoglis, Mario P. Institut Metapsychique International (IMI)
Psi Explorer
Walter von Lucadou WGFP: Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Zur Forderung der Parapsychologie E.V.

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