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Psi Bibliographies Catalog (PDF Format)

The following are bibliographies developed for use in the Eileen J. Garrett Library by the Parapsychological Foundation's ( PF) Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado. Click on the titles that interest you and read the bibliographies on your screen or print them out for use in your local library. (Please be aware that some of the PDF files may be slow to load, due to their file size).

All of these bibliographies are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader included with your web browser or installed on your computer, visit ADOBE and click on the “Products” button. You will find a free-downloadable copy of the Reader available there.

1. Introduction to Parapsychology

2. Bibliography of Bibliographies

3. Encyclopedias, Glossaries, Literature Reviews

4. Education in Parapsychology

5. Bibliografía de Parapsicología en Español

6. Parapsychology as a Science

7. Aspects of Parapsychology as a Profession

8. Parapsychology, Clinical Psychology, and Psychiatry

9. Development of Psychic Abilities

10. Historical Studies of Parapsychology

11. Survival of Death

12. Spontaneous Cases: General

13. Spontaneous ESP Experiences

14. Experimental Parapsychology

15. Out-of-Body Experiences

16. Near-Death Experiences

17. Poltergeists

18. Hauntings

19. Ghost Stories

20. Criticisms of Parapsychology

21. Fraud, Deception and Self-Deception in Psychic Phenomena

22. Healing

23. Auras

24. Apparitions

25. Altered States of Cosnciousness

26. Subtle Energy

27. Mental Mediumship

28. Physical Mediumship

29. Autobiographies and Biographies of Psychics and Mediums

30. Theories of Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis

31. Precognition

32. Precognition of Disasters

33. Research Approachs and Methods Used in Parapsychology

34. Reincarnation

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