Have you ever heard the word 'psi' (pronounced 'sigh')? Psi refers to a wide range of fascinating and controversial phenomena that include  ESP ('mind reading'), psychokinesis ('mind over matter'), psychic healing and precognitive dreams.PHENOMENA:
telepathy (ESP)
psychokinesis (PK)
out-of-body experiences (OOBE)
the sixth sense
psychic (cold) readings
psychic archaeology
business and the stock market
and more!RESOURCES:

psi-related books
extrasensory perception
university and accredited courses
scientific journals
psi  organizations
key terms glossary
chronology of key datesSCIENCE:

the ganzfeld experiment
surveys of psi experiences
project stargate
spontaneous cases
altered states of consciousness
statistics and psiPSI LINKS:
online psi experiments
psi laboratories
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frequently asked questions about psi phenomena and psi researchTHE CD-ROM:
a multimedia overview of Psi Explorer: the cd-rom. This cd-rom includes over an hour of videos and animations, multimedia psychic games and tests, training techniques to develop your psychic potential, and over 100 photos, graphs and historical documents.
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