Have you ever heard the word 'psi' (pronounced 'sigh')? Psi refers to a wide range of fascinating and controversial phenomena that include  ESP ('mind reading'), psychokinesis ('mind over matter'), psychic healing and precognitive dreams.
psychic (psi) phenomena: Discover the universe of extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, telepathy, out of body experience

telepathy, psychokinesis, out of body experiencespsi resources: books, courses, journals, organizationsganzfeld, surveys, stargateonline psi experiments, laboratories, research centersfrequently asked questions about psychic (psi) phenomenaThe Psi Explorer CD-ROM: a multimedia exploration of scientific parapsychology and psychic phenomena

Within these pages you will find the answers
to many of your questions about psychic phenomena and scientific parapsychology.

is there scientific evidence that psi is real?Is there scientific evidence that psi is real?
what does it feel like to have a psychic experience?What does it feel like to have a psychic experience?
how can we explain psychic phenomena?How can we explain psychic phenomena?
does everyone have psi? can i develop it myself?Does everyone have psi? Can I develop it myself?
is there a way to measure my own ESP?Is there a way to measure my own ESP?

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