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Robert L Morris Student Travel Grant Program

The PA Board of Directors expresses its gratitude to Joanna Morris, for her generous contribution to the PA in a memorial to her late husband Robert L Morris (Koestler Chair of Parapsychology). The Board considered how best to use these funds and believed that Bob Morris would have most liked us to use the funds to encourage student participation in the PA. It was thus decided to earmark the funds for a new program to be called the Robert L Morris Travel Grant Program.

Requirements for Application
Students who are participating in a PA Annual Convention in some form (accepted paper, panel presentation, etc) will be encouraged to apply for a travel grant when they submit their presentation to the Program Chair. Applicants must be Student Affiliates of the PA. Every year a committee will be formed to grant the awards. A student may receive funding once in her or his career. A maximum total amount to be awarded will be decided by the Board each year after receiving the Treasurerís report.

Interested applicants should contact the Program Chair.
Program Chair 2008 is Simon Sherwood. Email: simon.sherwood at

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