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Helmut SchmidtSelected Publications
Precognition of a Quantum Process. J. of Parapsychology 33, 1969, 99-108.

The PSI Quotient (PQ): An Efficiency Measure for PSI Tests. J. of Parapsychology 33, 1969, 210-214.

Clairvoyance Test with a Machine. J. of Parapsychology 33, 1969, 300-306.

Quantum Processes Predicted? New Scientist, October 1969, 114-115.

Quantum-Mechanical Random-Number Generator. J. of Applied Physics 41, 1970, 462-468.

A PK Test with Electronic Equipment. J. of Parapsychology 34, 1970, 175-181.

PK Experiments with Animals as Subjects. J. of Parapsychology 34, 1970, 225-261.

Mental Influence on Random Events. New Scientist and Science Journal, June 24, 1971, 757-768.

Schmidt, Helmut and Pantas, Lee. Psi Tests with Internally Different Machines. J. of Parapsychology 36, 1972, 222-232.

PK Tests with a High-Speed Random Number Generator. J. of Parapsychology 37, 1973, 105-118.

Instrumentation in the Parapsychology Laboratory. In Beloff, John: New Directions in Parapsychology, 1974, 13-37.

Psychokinesis. In Mitchell, Edgar. Psychic Explorations, 1974, 178-193.

Comparison of PK Action on Two Different Random Number Generators. J. of Parapsychology 38, 1974, 47-55.

Psi als Wechselwirkung zwischen geistigen Vorgängen und äusseren Quantenprozessen. Psi und Psyche (E. Bauer, Editor). Deutsche Verlagsanstalt Stuttgart, 1974, 187-195.

Toward a Mathematical Theory of Psi. J. Am. Soc. Psychical Research 69, 1975, 302-319.

PK Effect on Pre-Recorded Targets. J. Am. Soc. Psychical Research 70, 1976, 267-291.

A Suggested Method for Detecting Psi with Subjects whose Performance Fluctuates from Trial to Trial. J. Am. Soc. Psychical Research 71, 1977, 19-31.

A Simple Random Number Generator for Use with Mini-computers. J. Am. Soc. Psychical Research 71, 1977, 171-176.

Can an Effect Precede Its Cause? A Model of a Non-causal World. Foundations of Physics 8, June 1978, 463-480.

A Program for Channeling Psi Data into the Laboratory and onto the Critic's Desk. Progress in Parapsychology 1979 (W. Roll, Editor), 66-69.

PK Tests with Pre-Recorded and Pre-Inspected Seed Numbers. J. of Parapsychology 45, 1981, 87-98.

Collapse of the State Vector and PK Effect. Foundation of Physics 12, 1982, 565-581.

Randomness and the Mind. Looking for Psychic Effect in Games of Chance. Creative Computing, April 1983, 180-186.

Comparison of a Teleological Model with a Quantum Collapse Model of Psi. J. of Parapsychology 48, 1984, 261-276.

Addition Effect for PK on Pre-recorded Targets. J. of Parapsychology 49, 1985, 229-244.

Schmidt, H. Morris, R. and Rudolph, L. Channeling Evidence for a Psychokinetic Effect to Independent Observers. J. of Parapsychology 50, 1986, 1-15.

The Strange Properties of Psychokinesis. J. Scientific Exploration 1, 1986, 103-118.

Correlation between Mental Processes and External Random Events. J. Scientific Exploration 4, 1990, 233-241.

Search for a Correlation between PK performance and Heart Rate. J. Amer. Soc. Psychical Research 85, 1991, 101-117.

Non Causality as the Earmark of Psi. Journal of Scientific Exploration 7, 1993, 125-132.

Schmidt, H. and Braud, W. New PK Tests with an Independent Observer. Journal of Parapsychology 57, 1993, 227-239.

Schmidt, H., Stapp, H. Study of PK with pre-recorded random events and the effect of pre-observation. Journal of Parapsychology 57, 1993, 331-348.

Schmidt, H. Observation of a psychokinetic effect under highly controlled conditions. Journal of Parapsychology 57, 1993, 351-372.

Schmidt, H. Random generators and living systems as targets in retro-PK experiments. J. Amer. Soc. Psychical Research 91, 1997,1-13.

Schmidt, H. and Dalton, K. PK tests with repeated efforts on prerecorded targets. Journal of Parapsychology 63, 1999, 275-283.

Schmidt, H. A proposed measure for psi-induced bunching of randomly spaced events. Journal of Parapsychology 64, 2000, 301-316.

Schmidt, H. PK tests in a pre-sleep state. Journal of Parapsychology 64, 2000, 317-331.



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