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Who was John Beloff? (1920-2006)
John BeloffAutobiography
"One of the temptations that a biographer must resist is the use of hindsight to give a spurious continuity to the life in question and thereby ignoring the part played by sheer chance. Parapsychology is such a deviant pursuit in our society that it is nevertheless proper to inquire how someone gets drawn into it. Perhaps the two most common explanations, in this connection, are the following. The individual in question may at some stage of his or her life have had intimations of the paranormal so impressive or disturbing that thereafter the topic became a consuming passion. Alternatively, and less dramatically, an interest in the paranormal may have been so strongly embedded in that person's family background and traditions that the seeds were sown from an early age..."

Read John Beloff's complete autobiography at his Personal Website.
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Research strategies for dealing with unstable phenomena
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Arthur Koestler, Psychologist
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Three open questions
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Why we need a commission of inquiry
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M. Thalbourne, J. Beloff & D. Delanoy
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Die Fingerabdrücke von Psi [transl.]
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Dr. J.G. Pratt: An obituary
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Coming to terms with parapsychology
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Is normal memory a "paranormal" phenomenon?
Theoria to Theory 14,145-61
Could there be a physical explanation of psi?
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 50, 263-72
Seven evidential experiments
[with invited commentaries from 13 contributors and a reply by the author]
Zetetic Scholar 6 , 91-120
Current directions in European parapsychology: Great Britain
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Changing concepts of mind and matter: in defense of the psychobiological paradigm
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In Dirionario Enciclopedico.
Milan: Unedi
The categories of psi: the case for retention
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Voluntary movement, biofeedback and PK
In Parapsychology Foundation
The importance of parapsychology: a reply to H.B. Gibson
Bulletin of the British Psychology Society 32, 244-6.
Is mind autonomous?
[essay review of Popper & Eccles (1977)]
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 29 , 265-83.
Why parapsychology is still on trial
Human Nature 1, 68-77.
R. Broughton, B. Millar, J. Beloff & K. Wilson. A
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The limits of parapsychology
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The inevitability of dualism
[invited commentary on Puccetti & Dykes'
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The Geller controversy: the current state of play
Research in Parapsychology 1976 , 199-200 (symposium).
Backward Causation
Parapsychology Review 8 , No. 1, 1-5
[reprinted in Parapsychology Foundation ].
Psi phenomena: causal versus acausal interpretation
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Mind-body interactionism in the light of the parapsychological evidence.
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On trying to make sense of the paranormal
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I sogni che annunciano il futuro
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The study of the paranormal as an educative experience
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ESP: The search for a physiological index
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The study of the paranormal as an educative experience
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A note on an ostensibly precognitive dream
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The mind-body problem as it now stands
Virginia Quarterly Review 49 , 251-64.
Belief and doubt
Research in Parapsychology 1972 , 189-200.
The scientist as oracle
[essay-review ofJacques Monod's Chance and Necessity ]
Virginia Quarterly Review 48 , 289-92.
In H. Eysenck, R. Meili & W. Arnold (eds.). Fncyclopedia of Psychology.
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J. Beloff& D. Bate
An attempt to replicate the Schmidt findings
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 46 , 21-30.
J. Beloff & D. Bate
Psi efficiency: a formal comparison of three different measures
Journal of Parapsychology 35 , 273-89.
Creative thinking in art and science
British Journal of Aesthetics 10 , 58-70.
Parapsychology and its neighbours
Journal of Parapsychology 34 , 129-42.
A. Parker & J. Beloff
Hypnotically induced clairvoyant dreams: a partial replication and attempted confirmation.
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 64 , 432-42
J. Beloff& D. Bate
Research report for the year 1968/69
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 45 , 297-301.
J. Beloff, M. Cowles & D. Bate
Autonomic reactions to emotive stimuli under sensory and extrasensory conditions of presentation.
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 64 , 313-19
The "sweethearts" experiment
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 45, 1-6.
Current problems in parapsychology
Synapse 20, 21-8 (journal of the Edinburgh Medical School).
J. Beloff& T. Regan
The Edinburgh Electronic ESP Tester (E.E.E.T.)
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 45, 7-13.
ESP: proof from Prague?
New Scientist 10, 76-7.
God and parapsychology: reflections on Sir Alister Hardy's The Divine Flame.
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 62 , 217-22.
Parapsychology as science
International Journal of Parapsychology 9, 91-8.
Report on the Maimonides Dream Laboratory
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 44, 24-7.
J. Beloff & I. Mandleberg
An attempted validation of the "waiting technique"
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 44 , 82-87.
Can paranormal abilities be learned?
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 61 , 120-9.
J. Beloff & I. Mandleberg
An attempted validation of the "RyzI technique" for training ESP subjects
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 46, 229-49.
J. Smythies & J. Beloff
The influence ofstereotactic surgery on ESP
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 43, 20-4.
M. RyzI &J. Beloff
Loss of stability of ESP performance in a high-scoring subject
Journal of Parapsychology 29, 1-12.
The Identity Hypothesis: a critique
In Smythies (1965). Humanism and the paranormal.
The Humanist 80, 176-80.
Matter and manner
[invited commentary on E. Girden's "A review of psychokinesis"]
International Journal of Parapsychology 6, 93-9.
What are we up to?
Journal of Parapsychology 28, 302-10.
The mind-body relationship
Modern Churchman 7, 33-41.
Explaining the paranormal
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 42 , 101-14.
Ratio judgment and the psychophysics of rectangles
Journal of General Psychology 66 , 71-83.
J. Beloff & H. Beloff
The influence of valence of distance judgments of human faces
Abnormal & Social Psychology 62 , 720-22.
The stripe paradox
British Journal of Psychology 52 , 323-31.
J. Beloff & L. Evans
A radioactive test of psychokinesis
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 41 , 41-5.
Some comments on the Gombrich problem
British Journal of Aesthetics 1 , 62-70.
H. Beloff & J. Beloff
Unconscious self-evaluation using a stereoscope
Journal of Abnormal & Social Psychology 59, 275-8.
Method of serial extrapolation
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 9 , 155-68.
R.B. Cattell &John Beloff
The factorial stmcture of the personality of 11 year-old children across three techniques [in French]
Revue de Psychologie Appliquée 6, 65-89.
Facts, values and moral solipsism
Journal of Philosophy 53, 541-8.
R.B. Cattell, D. Blewett &John Beloff
The Inheritance of Personality
American Journal of Human Genetics 7, 122-46.

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