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Who is Serena Roney-Dougal?
Serena Roney-DougalThere are about forty people in Britain who have a PhD in Parapsychology - the exploration of psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis - and the majority of them are working within the University system. 

Serena Roney-Dougal, however, has decided instead to put her unusual qualification to good use, by opening out the study of this previously esoteric field and introducing it to a wider public.
Setting up her own research organisation, the Psi Research Centre, in Glastonbury, Somerset - thought of by many as the very heart of the British esoteric tradition - Serena has spent the last twenty years giving lectures, teaching courses and presenting weekend workshops on parapsychology, mental development and yoga.

Serena has been working in and studying parapsychology for over 25 years, and her interests in the subject are wide ranging. Her highly successful series of classes in her home town took students through a list of apparently diverse topics - from ghosts and poltergeists to laboratory research; from divination techniques to out-of-body experiences; and much more - showing that they are all linked to a common core of knowledge that spans thousands of years. Now she is teaching parapsychology to M.Sc. students at the world's first yoga university, Bihar Yoga Bharati, in India, combining the western scientific methods of parapsychology with the eastern mystical knowledge of yoga.

An important element in Serena's work is her study of the role of the pineal gland in sensitivity to psychic phenomena and the associated chakra system. Her latest research involves working with a healer on an organic farm, and exploring psychic awareness in an ashram.

Serena has written extensively on various aspects of the paranormal, both for academic journals and conferences, and for popular magazines and books. She has also written a book "Where Science and Magic Meet", reprinted 5th times by the original publisher and now republished by Vega Books. She has just written the Faery Faith, Green Magic Books, 2003.

14 Selwood Rd.,
Somerset BA6 8HN,

11 'O' Levels, and 3 'A' levels in Physics, Chemistry and Biology;
1970: One year at Dundee University studying anatomy, physiology and biochemistry;
1971-1974: Three years at University College, London resulting in Psychology B.Sc. Hons.
1977: Started PhD in Parapsychology City University, London, concerning the relationship between telepathy and subliminal perception.
1978: Research into pineal gland starts.
1980: After three years of research I left City University and was accepted by Surrey University under Professor Terence Lee who had supervised two other people doing Parapsychology PhDs, Ernesto Spinelli and Susan Blackmore. At the same time I moved to Glastonbury.
1985: Paper on speculations concerning pineal gland and psi experiences presented at PA Conference, Boston.
1987: Awarded PhD for thesis comparing subliminal and psi perception using the Ganzfeld technique.
1988: I started teaching Parapsychology at Strode College; this course continued until 2000.
1989: Paper published in JSPR concerning my research into pineal gland.
1990: Yoga class begins, as well as traveling world wide giving talks and running workshops. All of these activities still happen. Paper presented at PA conference, San Diego regarding further research into link between pineal gland and psi experiences.
1991: My book "Where Science and Magic Meet" is published by Element books, and I have written more articles in magazines and journals than I care to have to count!
1993: Dream group begins. Revised edition of “Where Science and Magic Meet” printed. Second article in JSPR concerning my research into the pineal gland.
1998: Paper at SPR Conference concerning my most recent research into links between pineal gland and psi experiences.
2000: Start research into effect of a healer on crop yield on an organic farm.
2001: Start teaching parapsychology at Bihar Yoga Bharati, India, the world’s first yoga university doing M.Sc. courses in yoga psychology, yoga philosophy and applied yogic sciences.
2002: “Where Science and Magic Meet” republished by Vega books. New book “The Faery Faith” published by Green Magic. Several articles concerning the crop research published and a paper presenting the results from two years at PA Con. Paper on the research at bihar Yoga Bharati presented at SPR conf.

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[photo by Rick E Berger]

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